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Альбом Eternal – The Berserks Legions Defiance (2009) групи Brutal Death Metal музичного жанру був опублікований для огляду 2009 11 23 о 7:10 pm автором і доступний для перегляду і завантаження у хорошій якості. Будь ласка, напишіть свій відгук після завантаження його для огляду.

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Eternal – The Berserks Legions Defiance (2009)

Eternal – The Berserks Legions Defiance

Исполнитель: Eternal
Альбом: The Berserks Legions Defiance
Год: 2009
Стиль: Death Metal
Страна: France
Формат: mp3@VBR223
Время альбома: 38:04
Размер: 62 Мб.


Brutal French death metal band ETERNAL was spawned in the harsh cold winter of January 2001.The original line-up of the band still exists today that features musicians, Vince(guitar), Xav(drums), Thib(bass), & Matth(vocals). All of the members had played in previous bands. Since all four members all have a collective interest in War, Death, & SATAN, this demonic horde joined forces to produce some of the most brutal death metal originating from the gutters of France.

The music of ETERNAL is inspired by both the old-school originators, as well as taking influences from the modern day brutality of the death metal scene. In November of 2003, the band took to the studio to record their 4-song mcd, "Satanic Templars of the Dark Age" which was produced by Ludovic Tournier who had previously worked with the likes of, HIMINBJORG, CRYSTALIUM, NEHEMAH, & HATE SUPREMECY, to name but a few of the bands this experience producer has worked with. "Satanic…" is 20 minutes of state-of-the-art death metal played without any compromise: down-tuned guitars, heavy rhythms, & guttural vocals making this a powerful death metal assault that is sure to go down in the annals of HELL as one of the most insane & visceral recordings the death scene has heard in ages.

For the band's first gig ever, they shared the stage with Polish death metal gods VADER on June 21st of 2004 in Lyon, France! This is only a small indication of what is yet to come from this killer band, it won't be long until you're burning forevermore with ETERNAL... For their first release, ETERNAL has signed with extreme Canadian label, SINISTER SOUNDS Inc. to rule the underground ETERNALly!

After some time going on writing new songs, playing gigs and trying to go further in brutality, Eternal went again in studio in 2007/2008 to release their first full length album. This one is going to be even more extreme than “Satanic Templars…”. The title of this new piece is “The Berserks' Legions Defiance” and contains songs full of hatred such as “Berserk”, “In Nomine Domini” and “Elemental”.

1. Beserk 5:30
2. In Nomine Domine 5:00
3. Elemental 6:25
4. Four Doors of Perception 2:56
5. Yog-sothoth 5:11
6. Tetraqramation 4:59
7. ...And we March Through Limbo 2:23
8. Eternal Conviction 5:40


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